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 The “Braco Phenomenon”
Path to a New Consciousness?

Many people who look into Braco’s eyes for the first time will notice an inviting feeling of well-being, peace and deep inner calm. During these encounters, Braco stands silently before the visitors, without words, philosophies or teachings.

Simply meeting the quiet gaze of a man may be a new experience for some. Nevertheless, many people claim to have found inner strength again to create a brighter future and sometimes even the comprehensive solution to their life‘s problems.

Since 1995, Braco has been dedicating his lifework to the task of sharing his gift with the people. People from different nationalities, cultures and occupations (from Germany, the USA, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Australia, Mexico and Russia, Japan, Hungary, Denmark, Italy as well as Croatia and Slovenia) report of positive changes in their lives.


Award for his lifework – the ‘Peace Pole’

Braco’s decade-long commitment to the people has also been acknowledged in the public sphere and has been more and more appreciated as a contribution to peace. During a special event in the United Nations Chapel in New York, he was awarded the world-renowned “Peace Pole”.

Rev. Deborah Moldov, representative of the World Peace Prayer Society, affiliated to the United Nations gave Braco the international peace award, commenting, “It is time to build a new culture of peace, and here Braco comes into play. I believe that is exactly what Braco brings through his Gaze, giving each person a personal experience of peace. […] Awarding Braco’s work with the “Peace Pole” was such a special moment. It was not only the handing over of the “Peace Pole” but also a possibility for the people of the United Nations who had gathered there to value Braco as an `Ambassador of Peace´.”

Experiences of Visitors

The Croatian border scientist Drago Plecko, M.A. concludes in his book “The Mystery of Braco 3” after years of studying, “that the unusual […] during the encounter with Braco’s Gaze can be traced back to the momentary changes in the consciousness of those who observe it.”

Some people speak of changes not only in the area of individual emotional and physical well-being. They also notice a positive impact on their families, in personal relationships, at the workplace or feel a stronger positive connection to their fellow human beings in general.

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Gruden, psychiatrist and psychotherapist from Croatia states, “The interesting thing about Braco is, that he can cause changes in people. […] We always wonder whether there is something that science has not yet discovered, a kind of energy that people can reach. […] The encounter with Braco is not a ritual, lecture or ceremony. It is simply an encounter, not only with Braco but also with ourselves, and the answers we seek can only be found in ourselves.”

In addition, well-known personalities such as fashion designer Donna Karan, US-actors Matt Bomer and Alan Cumming attended the encounter with Braco’s Gaze in New York and were impressed.

Although some people also report of physical betterments, the encounter with Braco’s Gaze is not a substitute for a visit to the doctor or prescribed therapies.

International Recognition

At an international congress in Switzerland 2006, the Basel Psi Days, much more visitors joined the encounters with Braco’s Gaze than expected. The encounters with his gaze were in the focus of attention and Braco was invited to further congresses in other European countries and America. Experts from different disciplines have tried to understand what they call the “Braco phenomenon” and provide fascinating theoretical explanations in this context. Ultimately, they meet on the level of consciousness. It is not the intellect but rather feelings and emotions, which enable people to open themselves. Sometimes you first have to learn again to open up to these feelings with the necessary trust.

Braco, on the other hand, does not explain, nor does he speak in public. The encounters take place only in groups and in silence. He does not make any diagnoses, give treatment or promise healing. He does not impart teachings or life philosophies, nor has he ever given an interview in the media.

He leaves it to others to judge what is happening. He focuses on the people and his effort to give his Gaze to those who want to experience it. (YouTube-clip:

Braco´s Blick über das Internet

Most of the year Braco travels to live events and shares his Gaze in his center in the Croatian capital Zagreb. In the centre’s unique Onyx room, visitors encounter his gaze in groups. From this room Braco’s gaze is also broadcasted into the world via internet. The live streaming is free for all and accessible on the official website

The Man Braco

It is said, Braco radiates admirable perseverance, prolonged calmness and warmth. He sees himself as an ordinary man with normal pleasures and life demands.

He is married and has a teenage son. As a family man, spending time with his family and friends brings him joy and happiness. He has a deep love of nature and especially of the sea. His friends find that Braco has kept a childlike enthusiasm for life and new things.

The world premiere of “Power of Silence” in New York and Los Angeles as well as about 100 documentary films

A wide range of experience reports from visitors and professionals has been recorded in about 100 documentary films about Braco.

The first cinema documentary about Braco had its world premiere in October 2016 in New York and Los Angeles. All showings were fully booked. The film was directed by the internationally award-winning Jakov Sedlar. Renowned personalities such as bestseller author Paulo Coelho and Rabbi Jack Bemporad have their say. The narrator is the well-known Hollywood actor Armand Assante.






Enlighten Up – The Health, Well-Being & Natural Therapies Expo  – The Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge

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